Door Dimensions

Case Inner Width A (mm) Wing Inner Width B (mm) Casing Outer Width C (mm) Wall Width* D (mm) Jamb Outer Width E (mm)
784 800 856 900 996
684 700 756 800 896

* The ideal size for the foam cavity should be between 6 mm and 15 mm on one side.
We recommend that you pay attention to these gaps when taking measurements.

Door Length Dimensions Wing Length (mm) Casing Length (mm) Jamb Length* (mm) Finished Wall Length** (mm)
1980 2020 2130 2030-2120

* Jamb Width: Side jambs 80 mm; The head jamb measures 120 mm.
** Finished wall length: It should be between 2030 mm and 2120 mm.

General features

* Casing: The casing is covered with 36mm mdf with foil finish, pvc, laminate.
* Side Jambs: Side Jambs are foil finished PVC on 8mm MDF, laminate coated, jamb width 80 mm
* Head Jamb: Head Jambs are foil finished PVC on 6mm mdf, laminate coated, jamb width is 120 mm
* Skeleton: Obtained from 8-12% dried 24 mm fir stile
* Wing: It is melamine, pvc, laminate coating on 8 mm mdf surface.
* The doors are formed as a result of pressing the printed surfaces with the slats which was prepared beforehand.
* Superior surface strength
* High scratch resistance compared to conventional doors
* Resistant to chemical cleaning products, humidity and harsh conditions, antibacterial
* Fast service with high stock level”
* Completely natural wing structure”
* Wing surface suitable for glass, joint, profile additions
* Unique harmony with other furniture components
* Easy to make ready for assembly
* Different color options

Molding Dimensions

Door Accessories

* Hinge: 3 hinges are required for a door.
Dowel-screw: 2 pieces on a case size 10, 4 pieces for sizes 14,18 and 22.